Posted by Tiff Perry on Jun 20 2019 at 09:01AM PDT in 2019 Season

—Let us know whether your team will be participating in the post season games, as this effects the bracket and seeding. Please note that if a team commits to the tourney and drops out after bracket is made, there will be a fine issued to your team. Please let us know by JUNE 22 at the latest by texting or emailing me either a yes or no. I have already confirmed with some, so thank you.

—If you are participating, we are scheduled to have our post season meeting to distribute brackets on June 24th at 6pm at the VFW.

—Reminder that Play Offs will be held at Throop, Classics will be at Jessup. They will each run from June 26th through July 3rd.

—We are extending the final day of the season through June 23rd. Please try to get all your games in prior to then. Teams must complete a full schedule in order to be eligible for playoffs. If you are having a difficult time rescheduling, look into doing shortened double headers, where both coaches agree before hand on a time limit or a reduced number of innings in order to get the game in.


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