Updated Rosters/Rule Clarification

Posted by Tiff Perry on May 09 2022 at 11:01AM PDT in 2022

—Please remember to text me your scores (570) 335-3661 and changes to any games.

—Tomorrow is the final day to submit any roster changes so I can send out the final versions and upload them to the website for transparency.

— There seems to be a little confusion on the new mercy rule and time limit, so I wanted to clarify:
Five runs per inning maximum for the first five innings. The sixth inning will have no run restrictions.
Time limit: 100 minutes, finish the current inning. If the game remains tied, ONE additional inning will be played with the international rule (runner on 2nd). No time limit for Playoffs. Tournament games will be played until there is a winner.
Mercy rules: 10 runs after 4 innings. If at any point after the 4th completed inning the mercy rule is met by either team (home or away), the game immediately ends. This rule can be amended if agreed upon by both head coaches and the umpire.

—Tournaments will run from June 20th – June 26th. Playoffs will be held at Abington. Classics will be held at Carbondale during the weekdays (June 20th – June 24th) with the weekend games being held at Jessup (June 25th and June 26th).

—We still need a few checks (Old Forge, Dunmore, Jessup) and some insurances. Please bring these to the 14U/18U meeting next week or make other arrangements to meet with Gary, Jim, or me.


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